Primaris Intercessor Squads

I’ve started work on the models in the Dark Imperium box set. I’m an Imperium player at heart though I do dabble in Aeldari from time to time, so I’ve started on the Primaris Marines. As I mentioned in the first post I’ll be focusing on my Crimson Fists army.

When it came to deciding how to paint the Primaris mini’s, I had some tough choices to make. There are a few of reasons for settling on the choice I made.

  1. I like the colour scheme for the Crimson Fists
  2. Painting yellow sucks, my Imperial Fists army is not small. Expanding it makes sense, but Painting yellow sucks!
  3. I have considerably more vehicles in my Crimson Fists force, so cost is kept down when it comes to expanding further.
  4. It’s fluffy, the Crimson Fists will likely be one of the more heavily reinforced chapters in the Imperium, so expanding through the future with only Primaris Marines won’t leave me with a weird mix-n-match force.

Now that the decision is made, it was time to get to work. I’ll be honest, I am not particularly precious about flash lines. Don’t get me wrong I clean up the big ones, but on some areas I end up doing more damage than good. This means I tend to work to the rule of if it looks good from 36 inches then it’s great, if it looks pretty good from 12 its a bonus. Any closer than 12 that is when flash lines start to be come real noticable.

That is everything for now.

Apologies for the image quality, most were taken on my phone and the last one appears to have suffered either from the ISO being wrong or some weird effect when uploading as it looked fine in Lightroom. I’ll do some testing later.



TTFN (Ta Ta for Now)

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