Primaris Intercessor Squads – Update 25 Jun 2017

Hi folks,

I’ve had a pretty good hobby weekend so far. I’ve pieced together and updated the points values for my table ready Imperial Fists/Crimson Fists forces and they come to a combined 6226 points, or 313 PL (in the new parlance). I also found a good 1000pts of additional stuff I forgot I had that needs painting!!!

Myself and a good friend managed to get our first game of 8th Edition under our belts, a 2000 point game which took a good few hours and thanks to some misunderstanding of damage overflow, was way more violent than I could possibly have envisioned.

Once that was done I’ve got the 2 Intercessor Squads base coated and given their zenithal highlight layer, it’s very subtle but seems to work.

The steps for painting so far have been

  1. Airbrush the undercoat (Vallejo Surface Primer Black)
  2. Airbrush the basecoat using Minitaire Royal Blood
  3. Apply the zenithal highlights, starting with an overhead working down to between 50-60 degree angle from the horizontal

Further updates will come as I progress through the stages of detailing.

I think I have sorted out the photography issues, I’ll pretty much only use my DSLR now for taking shots to upload. There’s still some work to do with them, in regards some extra lighting.


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