Primaris Inceptor WIP – Part 1

So as I’m nearing the completion of the Intercessors I am now staring work on the Inceptors from the Dark Imperium Box Set. One of my friends had highlighted that they are a bit of a pain to paint as there isn’t really a base for them and unlike the flying base models of old there isn’t really a mount point that you can drill into for a temporary pin. Personally I’ve never been keen on any of the flying bases that GW produce. So for recent models I’ve used Bicycle spokes to mount flyers such as the Storm Talon/Raven. So I thought why not extend that concept to deal with the Inceptors. Instead of using a bike spoke, they are a few millimetres in diameter so far to big for mounting troops, I thought why not use the florists wire that I use for pinning models. Its strong yet flexible, and is much thinner than a bike spoke. And here’s what it looks like before I start throwing paint on to them.

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