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Welcome to 40Kael, this is a new blog for me, I’ve blogged before and it helped me with my painting backlog etc by keeping me motivated and interested in my hobby… Tabletop gaming, specifically Warhammer 40K.

This blog will primarily chart my return to gaming in 8th Edition 40K, focussing on my Crimson Fists army. I’ve got a few in the works from earlier editions

  1. Eldar
  2. Imperial Fists
  3. Space Wolves

I’ll also touch on non 40K topics, if I pick them back up. These include Malifaux, Guild Ball, Blood Bowl, Infinity, WarMachine and a couple of other gaming systems. Posts on these may be few and far between depending on how my plastic crack addiction grows.

I may even throw in some fitness stuff. Another reason for calling the blog 40Kael is that I’ll be turning 40 in around 8 months and I’m trying to get back to my pre-30s fitness levels which shouldn’t be too hard I wasn’t particularly fit in my 20s. Now, pre-20s fitness levels is the ideal target, but baby steps.

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